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Ryan Dempsey is a 20-year old artist from Arizona who is receiving his BFA in painting at the highly acclaimed College of Fine Arts at Boston University.  Ryan has had multiple solo shows across the west (his first being at the age of 9), and participated in a number of group shows in Arizona, California, and Boston.   Ryan first picked up a brush at the age of 5, and built a technical ability over years of hyperrealism painting (see high school works).  He paints from life and from experience, taking ordinary events/objects and transforming them into tactile artifacts that reflect his way of seeing with an emphasis on mark making and surface quality.  Varying the speed at which he works, Ryan’s fusion of various painting languages manipulates how the eye moves across one of his canvases.  A typical painting of his will include realism, broad flat spaces, gestural mark-making, and forms of printmaking all coexisting in one world. Ryan Dempsey works to develop an internally niche language of poetics through developed motifs and textual elements with an aim on achieving maximum aesthetic convention and making paintings good enough for your guest bathroom.


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